What’s Happening


SU awarded multi-institutional international research grant


Stellenbosch University (SU), along with three other institutions, has been awarded a research project entitled, “Decay without mourning: Future thinking heritage practices," that will be rolled out over the next four years. Dr Lambrechts is the Research Director for the research project and also heads a non-profit organisation called Nuuseum.

(Photograph by David Marks, Hidden Years Music Archive, South Africa) 



She studies cultural heritage in the polar regions and polar futures


Lize-Marié Hansen van der Watt has a PhD in history and researches the polar history and polar futures, focusing on the intersection of environment, science, cultural heritage and critical geopolitics in the Arctic and Antarctic focusing on the people who live on the poles. She is currently researching a project on cultural heritage and decay

(Photograph by Leif Pieterson)





We recently launched a new video documenting the research being conduced in Antarctica. Kati Lindstrom met with scholars from the field and researchers who over-wintered to discuss their experiences.

(Photograph by Kati Lindstom)